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1/10/2018 Safira by Springs Spirit completes the 2018 eventing season by finishing in the top 20 of the British Eventing 6 Young Horse Championships CIC YH 1*

10/07/18 We are delighted that not only has our lovely TB Ansiei become Life Graded with SHB(GB) but also our two part Warmblood stallions, Spring’s Spirit and Venterprise  have tested negative for WBFFS.

02/06/18 Safira and Becky after previously completing a fantastic double jumping clear to finish ninth in their first 1* at Rockingham Castle  now complete another jumping clear at Brand Hall in the 1*. Well done to all.

28/04/18 Finally  Spring’s Spirit has been out competing, in BE, after having four of his entered events being abandoned due to our awful weather. We also had his daughter, six year old Safira competing in her second Novice. We had a nervous wait at the weekend until it was finally announced that the three day event would be running on its last day so they were both out there competing. The courses were quite testing, however we were delighted that they jumped clear around the cross country. Well done to all. Thank you Andrew and Becky. 

20/04/18 Safira has finally competed in her first BE event of 2018. All her other runs have been abandoned due to our awful weather. She was also in her first Novice and rose to the challenge completing a double clear and earning her first points. Well done Becky and Katie. 

13/01/2018 Spring's Spirit continues to do well in BS jumping completeing double clears in the Newcomers and the 1.15m open

24/9/2017 Spring's Spirit returns to competeing after time off during the breeding season with his new rider to complete a super double clear.

24/06/17 Springfield Symphony out having some fun qualifies for the National British Dressage Finals at novice level.

17/06/17 Safira by Spring's Spirit in a very competitive 5yo class at Catton finshed with a double clear and fo finish on her dressage penilty points on 24.5 and qualfy for the KIBS British Eventing 5yo Young Horse Championship 2017 - We are delighted  

13/05/17 Super Safira , Spring's Spirit's five year old daughter storms around her first competition of the year after only five days with her new rider and no xc schooling since last year and wins her BE90 and Qualfies for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup BE90 Regional Final 2017

10/03/17 Spring's Spirit competed in his first competition of the year in the Novice at Oasby. He was rather feeling the joys of spring, which meant he performed a slightly excitable dressage test. He had an unlucky pole in the show jumping but then jumped clear around the cross country so we are very pleased with him and well done Peter!

20/10/2016 Spring's Spirit competes in the CIC 1* at Aldon International and finishes in the top 20 with an unlucky pole in the show jumping but a good solid cross country to finish off the 2016 season.

08/10/2016 Spring's Spirit competes in the Novice at Weston Park and finshes 19th, this after an unfortunate 3 poles down in the show jumping after he was unsettled when another horse ran in to him in the warm up! On the XC we didnt go for the time but he managed a nice clear. This was one of the hardest XC which had over 50% of the other competitors either retire or elliminated.

11/09/2016 Springfield Symphony competing at elementary level wins his class on a score of 72%.  

27/08/2016 Safira by Spring's Spirit completes a super double clear in the 4yo class to complete the BE season to just miss out on a qualification for the young horse championships.

19/08/2016 Spring's Spirit by Springfield Symphony competes in the Novice at Somerford Park. Rolled an unlucky pole in the showjumping and then in very slippery conditions jumped clear on the cross country phase. very pleased.

03/07/2016 Safira by Spring's Spirit. At Eland Lodge, her first ever BE event doing a nice DR test, rolled a couple of poles in the SJ but did a super clear XC round and then Spring's Spirit came out for his first run in 2016 with a super double clear.

11/03/2016 Springs Spirit by Springfield Symphony jumps a wonderful double clear to qualify for the Bristish Show Jumping scope festval supreme championship. Very unexpected and we are delighted.

28/02/2016 Safira by Spring's Spirit is jumping a small round of show  and cross country jumps after only 8 weeks of been backed. we are delighted with her progress.

19/08/2015 Spring's Spirit after a hectic breeding season and seven weeks off with an abscess in the mouth he in now back in work and hopfully he will be out competing soon.

16/05/2015 Spring's Spirit by Springfield Symphony jumps a loverly double clear to finish on his DR score to be placed and gain 1 BE point.

2 & 3/05/15 Spring's Searfin completes his first BE100 with 1 pole down in the show jumping and a clear cross country. Spring's Spirit in the Novice completed a loverly dressage of 27, and a pole down in the show jumping and then on the cross country rider and horse became lost and the combination were eliminted!

24 & 25/4/15 Spring's Serafin completes his first ever event, a double clear but with some time faults, very pleased and Spring's Spirit was at the stallion show at Stallion AI where he had a constant steam of visitors.

17/4/15 Spring's Spirit by Springfield Symphony, in his second Novice had a tough day at this event. He did a nice DR at 31.8 and then not quite feeling himself he had 2 down in the SJ and 2 stops out on the XC, but he circuled both and jumped when represented to go on and finish 25th. In the class of 39, 9 horse were eliminated or retired on the XC. Very pleased and he will now have a couple of weeks off.

11/04/15 Spring's Spirits (Harry) Eventing debut of this year started with his first competition being the Novice at Weston Park. What a super boy he was with a solid dressage mark, (gained in the early morning's freezing rain). Fortunately the weather cleared end we could comfortably watch him achieve yet another lovely clear  in the showjumping section. Even more exciting was that he then went on to go clear in the cross country section. Unfortunately a rider error meant that a fence was missed out so the result was elimination. However we are totally thrilled with his performance over such a track.

10/02/2015 Spring's Serafin (William) by Springfield Symphony and full brother to Spring's Spirit competes in his first dressage competition winning on an amazing score of 88.42.

12/10/2014 Spring's Serafin (William) by Springfield Symphony enters his 1st indoor BS event at Field House Equestrian Centre and jumps a nice double clear in the Novice.

2/10/2014 Spring's Spirit (Harry) by Springfield Symphony Completes his 8th double clear at the British Eventing KIBIS Young Horse Championships finishing 24th. Well done Hannah and Harry what a great finish to the year... Harry will now take some time off until January where he will start training again.

30/08/2014 Spring's Spirit (Harry) by Springfield Symphony completes his 7th double clear in show jumping and XCountry at Llanymynech2. whatch how bold he is at the jump coming out of the water on the video.

15/08/2014 Spring's Spirit (Harry) by Springfield Symphony completes yet another double jumping clear in show jumping and cross country at Somerford Park. His 6th consecutive double jumping clear! Well done Hannah and Harry!

05/08/2014 Spring's Spirit (Harry) by Springfield Symphony completes yet another double jumping clear in show jumping and cross country. His fifth consecutive double jumping clear!  Well done Hannah and Harry!

11/07/2014 Spring's Spirit by Springfield Symphony has completed another double clear in showjumping and cross country to finish fourth in the BE100 at Stafford today. Well done Hannah and Harry!

14/06/2014 We are delighted that Spring's Spirit (Harry) has qualified for  British Eventing's five year old national championships today on his first attempt. Harry has only had one BE outing this year due to the cancellations caused by the weather and this was his first five year old class so we are absolutely thrilled with the result. Well done Hannah and Harry!

20/04/2014 Spring's Spirit by Springfield Symphony completes a lovely clear round cross country in his first eventing competition of the season. After jumping rather overlargely he unfortunately had a rail down in the show jumping section but we are still delighted at his cross country performance.

15/04/2014 Spring's Spirit by Springfield Symphony passes his stallion grading and is now licensed with Elite Breeders UK.

06/10/2013 Spring's Spirit (Harry) by Springfield Symphony competes in the 4YO British Eventing Young Horse Championships and finshes a creditable 26th. He was the path finder in the Show Jumping and cross country. He had two early fences down in the show jumping but that was due to excitment from the warm up arena, which was just madness! He will now have a few months off and return to work in  2014.

11/09/2013 Spring's Spirit (Harry) by Springfield Symphony Jumps a nice double clear to 6th place in the BS British Novice at Southview.

31/08/2013 Spring's Spirit (Harry) by Springfield Symphony Jumps a lovely double clear in the 4 year old class finishing 6th and qualifying for the British Eventing Young Horse Championships at Osberton in October. We are delighted.

10/08/2013 Spring's Spirit (Harry) (by Springfield Symphony) completes a nice clear XCountry round to finish 6th in the British Eventing 4YO class. Well done Harry.

03/08/2013 Safira (by Spring's Spirit), wins the Hunter Breeding Yearling Class at Oswestry Agricultural Show.

01/08/2013 Spring's Stardust (Pippa) (by Springfield Symphony) wins the 2 year old hunter breeding and the 2 year old Sport Horse Youngstock classes at Burwarton Show. A great result for this young filly.

27/07/2013 Spring's Serafin (William) (by Springfield Symphony) wins the 3 year old hunter breeding class at Aintree - The home of the Grand National. A superb result from this young colt

22/05/2013 Spring's Spirit (Harry) (by Springfield Symphony) jumps a lovely double clear round in his first affiliated showjumping competition and finishes fourth! Well done Hannah and Harry.

04/08/2012 Safira (Katie) (first filly by Spring's Spirit), wins the foal championship at Oswestry Agricultural Show.

24/06/2012 Springfield Jasmin wins the Veteran class at the Ponies UK Summer Show. She then won the championship! Well done John and Jasmin!

19/05/2012 Spring's Stardust wins the SHB(GB) hunter breeding, yearling class at Shropshire County show. Pippa's first outing of the year, what a good girl she was too!

11/02/2012 Our first new arrival of 2012. Born at 2.15 am, a chestnut filly (Katie) by Spring's Spirit.

09/06/2011 Springfield Symphony does it again! Spring Jumps to 6th place in a class of 100 horses At the Bolsworth Show Jumping Classic. This been his first competition of the year. A good start to his season.

01/06/2011 Shireen Leaf foaled a lovely filly at 02.30am. both are doing well and all we have to think of now is a name! Hot runners are Kate or Pippa.

19/01/2011 They've done it again! Congratulations to Paul Sims and Springfield Symphony on winning their BD dressage competition - AGAIN! Great result of 67%! Well done!

01/12/2010 Springfield Symphony and Paul Sims competed their first dressage test together and win the class with 68%! Getting 5 BD points. This was Spring's second BD competition! Well done Paul and Spring.

22/09/2010 Springfield Symphony competed in his first affiliated dressage test with Hannah Bate and came second! Well done to Hannah and Spring on coming second getting his first BD dressage points.

30/08/2010 Spring's Spirit is awarded best BWBS yearling colt at the Warmblood Breeder's UK annual show. Well done Harry!

27/06/2010 We are delighted to say that Spring's Spirit has won the SHB(GB) Hunter yearling class at Shropshire County Show. Springs Spirit (Harry) was impeccably behaved and we are thrilled with the result.

04/06/2010 Spring and Hannah are in the stallion parade at Bramham Horse Trials. Spring was his usual well behaved self and received many nice comments on his temperament and ability.

16/05/2010 Aston Le Walls: Springfield Symphony started the day with 29.0 for his dressage. He then did a lovely show jumping clear round and then finished with a super clear cross country run. Resulting in being second in his class! Well done Spring and Hannah!

24/04/2010 Happy birthday Hannah!! The birthday girl and Spring competed at Bradwall today in Spring's most testing 100. Spring completed his dressage with a score of 31 and then did a very nice showjumping round with just two time faults. The xc was the most spooky course he has seen to date but he rose to the challenge just being a little green over a ski jump where he stopped to have a look. We are delighted with his progress, as this was quite a testing 100 and he sailed round the rest of the course over some quite scary fences without taking any of the longer options. Well done Spring and Hannah, their next outing is in two weeks time.

18/04/2010 Well done Spring and Hannah for coming ninth at Kelsall Hill BE 100 today! Spring was in a decidedly cheeky mood today and did not deliver his usual polished performance in the dressage as he fell over half way through and then decided to have a buck for fun whilst cantering! He then thought that this showjumping lark was dead easy and it was time for a gallop which resulted in him having two down (naughty Springs - he has such a big jump he needs something bigger now). He then calmed down slightly and did a very nice xc round with just a couple of time faults. Spring and Hannah are now looking forward to their next outing at Bradwall.

25/03/2010 Hannah arrived at Draycott after a three hour drive only to find it had been cancelled! Apparently it was waterlogged - oh dear. Spring's next outing will now be Kelsall Hill.

13/03/2010 What a day! Springfield Symphony did a lovely dressage test, independant viewers were very complimentary, unfortunately the mark was not good and was one of his worst at 37! He popped round the showjumping having just one error and having a fence down. He then had a great cross country round with just a few time faults. Although he was not highly placed, due to his dressage score, we were delighted with him and are really excited about his next event. Well done Spring and Hannah!

03/03/2010 Hannah & Springfield Symphony go cross country training with the World Class Training Program at Somerford Park.

28/02/2010 Hannah and Springfield Symphony jump a double clear in the BSJA at Bold Heath

24/02/2010 Congratulations on Hannah and Springfield Symphony winning the PN Section 1 Bolewsorth Classsic Pre Event Dressage Event at Somerford Park with a score of 27.

17/02/2010 Springfield Symphony goes training with Hannah Bate on the World Class Training program

16/02/2010 Springfield Symphony jumps a double clear, BSJA at Smallwood Equestrian Centre whilst the World Class Development team observe to provide feedback and advice.

Oct to Dec/2009 Spring and Hannah have been out hunting with the Cheshire Farmers Drag Hunt and the Cheshire Hunt. Spring has been a total gentleman out hunting and has received many compliments on his excellent behaviour and has also had great fun hedge hopping and jumping over the other obstacles.

26/09/2009 We are delighted that Springfield Symphony and Hannah Bate achieved 6th in their first BE100 at Kelsall Hill 2.

19/09/2009 Springfield Symphony and Hannah Bate would have achieved a placing of 6th with a DR of 30 and SJ 4, however Hannah was competing HC

05/09/2009 Springfield Symphony and Hannah Bate had their first competition tgether. They had a fab day at Cleobury Mortimer 2 with a dressage score of 32 they would have been 3rd in the class, however Hannah had to compete HC.

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